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ThemaTV-Tip: 'Into the fire'1 Beitrag
AutorChri8sti8@n 8P., ein Badner in Leipzig / Sachsen physisch, Baden emotio364874
Datum10.10.2006 08:44      MSG-Nr: [ 364874 ]4988 x gelesen

Für die, die es evt. empfangen können (SAT o.ä.)

Samstag, 14.10.2006, 0:00 Uhr und
Sonntag, 22.10.2006, 22:00 Uhr

auf "The History Channel" (USA)

Firefighters' stories from around the nation tell about the risks taken to keep us safe. Academy and Emmy Award-winning documentary film maker Bill Couturié breaks down the hero myth and gives us a glimpse at the real people. From big cities and small towns, we meet both volunteer and career firefighters and see them portrayed in recent historical events. With powerful music from Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Dire Straits and others, we'll take an emotional journey into the hearts of first responders, that forever changes the way we think about firefighters and the fire service.

Abstract from the Firemans Fund Insurance Company website: (
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company is the producer of "Into the Fire" -- an emotionally-charged documentary that calls attention to the everyday challenges firefighters face in an environment of tight funds and increased demands. "Into the Fire" is part of Fireman's Fund Insurance Company's social mission to support firefighters for safer communities.

"Into The Fire" premieres on the History Channel in the U.S. Friday October 13 at 8PM/7C , with an encore presentation Sunday October 22 at 4PM/3C . The program can also be ordered on DVD, and instructions on how to do so will be broadcast during the show. Funds generated through "Into the Fire" will be donated to fire departments and nonprofit fire service organizations for needed life-saving equipment.

To watch the trailer, download a poster, or for more information, go to


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 10.10.2006 08:44 Chri7sti7@n 7P., ein Badner in Leipzig


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